PMHNP standing holding stethoscope with arms folded

The Going Rate: PMHNP Passing Rates

Do you know the required score for passing your psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner exam? How hard IS the exam? We’re here to answer some of your questions regarding the PMHNP exam!

PMHNP standing holding stethoscope with arms folded

PMHNP Facts and Questions

The American Nurses Credentialing Center governs the certifying exam, and this is a great resource for detailed information regarding the 2023 PMHNP exam.

How long is the exam?

The exam is 3.5 hours long and covers 175 questions.

How is the exam scored?

150 of those questions are scored, 25 are pre-test questions that are not part of your score. The test is scored from zero to 500, with a required score of 350 to pass.

What topics does the exam cover, and how much do they each count for?

The sections are broken down below:

  1. Scientific Foundation: 30 questions (20%)
  2. Advanced Practice Skills: 38 questions (25%)
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment: 37 questions (25%)
  4. Psychotherapy and Related Theories: 22 questions (15%)
  5. Ethical and Legal Principles: 23 questions (15%)

What do people that have taken the exam have to say about it?

Folks that have taken the exam have said that they found the test to be not TOO hard, but that using question banks helped hone their skills for time management (maybe give a free trial a shot? Check out our Question Banks and find the best option for you!)

More detailed information on the sections can be found here as provided by the ANCC.

2021 Passing Rate for ANCC


The ANCC had an 87% passing rate for the 2021 board exams. That’s not too shabby, but definitely leaves some room for extra studying!

We would love to help you get on track. Go ahead and contact us with any questions you have!