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DID YOU KNOW: The USMLE Exam is Pass/Fail. Here’s what’s changed!

When taking the USMLE Exam you will receive a pass/fail result instead of the previous “3-digit score”. Did you know that…? If not.. well…now you do!

So what’s changed?

Well, honestly nothing besides the score… This shouldn’t change how you’re currently preparing or taking the test so prepare for the USMLE Step 1 as you would if it was still a numerical score. The exam isn’t easy and asks you to apply scientific information to novel situations.

To prepare just take it step by STEP (pun intended…). Keep your anxiety low by figuring out the most effective study strategies that work best for you. Once you find your ideal strategy, you can focus only on learning instead of saying… “Oh no…. I have to learn this, I have to do that, oh my!”. Don’t worry about what COULD be and focus on the perfect strategy you’ve put into place.

Finally, remember you’re more than just a number or a test score so don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

Residency programs are now going to take into account much more than a “Step 1 Score”. Pull together a letter of recommendation, evals, clinical exams, your service, research, and anything else that may show them why you stand out from the crowd. Be you, but be prepared.

You got this! —

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Navigating the Nurse Practitioner Exam: A Quick Breakdown

NAVAGATING THE Nurse  Practitioner Exam A Quick Breakdown!

Ready to learn more about the PMHNP-BC Exam?

We’re going to dive into what this exam looks like and give you the information you need to pass it with ease!


Timeframe and Questions: 

You have 4 hours to complete the exam which consists of 25 pretest and 150 exam questions


There’s no penalty for incorrect answers, so if you’re unsure of an answer it’s better to just take a guess and fill in the blank!


You get the result immediately after taking the test. No waiting!


Psychotherapies and Related theories:

This makes up 15% of the total score with 22 questions

Ethical and Legal Principals.

This makes up 15% of the total score with 23 questions

Scientific Foundations:

This makes up 20% of the total score with 30 questions

Diagnosis and Treatment:

This makes up 25% of the total score with 37 questions

Advanced Practice skills. This makes up 25% of the total score with 38 questions


Initial Application Fee:

$350 (U.S. students)/ $750 (International students)

Actual Exam Fees



ANA members:


American Association of Nurse Practitioners Student member: 



  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early
  • Bring a valid photo ID
  • You may NOT bring any personal items into the Test Center, including cell phones or water bottles
  • You will be given time to familiarize yourself with the computer system prior to the exam starts

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