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The “My Psych Board” Customer Service promise for all our customers

When looking at new brands in our personal lives, one of the FIRST things we look for are brands with strong customer service.

If you can find a brand that puts you first, you know that no matter what, you’ll get double the value out of whatever they’re selling, sharing, telling you, and so on.

Since the creation of “My Psych Board” and the “Westlake Brain Health Clinic”; we’ve understood deep within our core we wanted to provide top-notch customer service. Customer service that would truly remain unmatched by any other brands within our space… and it has!

When individuals interact with us they aren’t just another number, they’re a personality!

Within our customer service, we strive to provide you with the tools necessary to overcome any of your questions and obstacles that may get in your way. From general information, tutor calls, and just being someone to talk you through the challenging times of taking your board exams; we’re here for you!

This is our pledge to you.

Other brands focus more on growth of their own personal brands while our focus is YOU! Besides, if some of these brands have been around for 15+ years… shouldn’t they be at our level of customer service, products, knowledge, and overall quality of services? 

Yes. Yes They Should. 

But they arent…

So next time you have questions, concerns, or just want some expert guidance to reach out and we’re here 24/7. Whether it’s a DM, Email, Phone Call, or Comment, just know, we can’t wait to speak to you!

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