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My Psych Board vs. Them: Competition broken down and compared!

My Psych Board vs. “The Others…” who do you choose?

There are a lot of brands you can choose from, but we’re here to help ensure you pick the right one!

We’ve taken time this past week to dive deep into our competitors and give an unbiased opinion on what separates us from the rest… Now we know that it may seem we would only want to toot our own horn but after looking into everyone the choice is night and day…

So..why choose us?

1️⃣ Leading Customer Service
Our customer service is unmatched. We operate a much smaller team which provides a more custom and personalized experience while still offering your essential services. “The Others” are no match for us. They charge extra for your time.

With us you can ->
• Schedule a call with a Medical Expert
• Access phone & email support options
• Get assistance with an on-site or Telehealth Observership or Preceptorship
• Additional Tutoring is available

We are here to provide you with the exact services and content you need!

2️⃣ Top Quality Question Banks

When it comes down to our question banks they’re truly groundbreaking and outstanding! You would be surprised how many other brands either limit their coverage, content, or video vignettes.

Some features our Question Banks include are…
• Content curated by industry professionals
• Video & Clinical Vignettes Included
• Tests Customized by Subject
• Times & Practice Modes!
• Up-To-Date Questions
• Detailed Explanations
• FREE trials available!
& MUCH more!

3️⃣ Web & Exam Experience

When we dove into each brand we looked at several areas: Web content, navigation, accessibility, speed, and the actual question bank roll out.

“The Others”
When it comes to speed, the others average performance score of 22/100..oof… The pages are cluttered, finding the specific question banks to purchased are confusing, and the mobile experience was incredibly poor. We also utilized Googles “Core Web Vital Assessment” feature and found that most brands FAILED this on mobile.. how can you trust them to help you pass the boards if they can’t pass their own assessments…

With us, you’ll find an average performance score of 93/100, passed Core Assement, and great content. Each section of content is is to the point, easy to navigate, and gives you a streamlined experience. If you ever have questions or need a hand, you can always reach out to us!

4️⃣ Additional Content (Blogs, Social, and More!)
We’re the only brand that also focuses on other areas of content! Our social media focuses on studying tips, studying experiences, practice questions, real life uses and much MUCH more. With our blog you can dive deep into various learning areas and expand on topics seen on our socials!

Did you know we offer a FREE trial for our question banks? Just head over to our website (exams.mypsychboard.com) to get started today risk-free (with no Credit Card required!)

Feeling like you need a bit of extra help?

Contact us OR sign up for our tutoring!

A Closer Look at Top Quality Questions and Video Vignettes

A Closer Look at Top Quality Questions and Video Vignettes

My Psych Board Video Vignettes and Questions are top quality and created by experts in the field!

Did you know each and every question listed on My Psych Board goes through an extensive vetting process?

FIRST we work with experts who are in the field to curate top notch question content that matches the difficulty, style, and modality of questions you can expect to see on your exams.

NEXT the questions are reviewed individually by Dr. Abdel himself along with other team members to fact check, proof, and make clarifying modifications to ensure each question is readable, understandable, and each explanation thoroughly covers the content it features.

FINALLY every question is reviewed a final time to double check (and triple check!) everything is accurate and ready to go, then it’s delivered right to your device with new content being uploaded regularly.

Oh, and did we mention…🎥 FEATURING: VIDEO VIGNETTES

Our video vignettes introduce dynamic characters with real-life issues. With high quality scripting, these scenarios will draw you in and feel like you’re meeting with an actual client and discussing their case. Our videos involve complex diagnoses with thought provoking questions to lead you through helping over 20 different individuals. No cheesy lines or stereotypical characters- these videos are made by experts to help you!

Each vignette is accompanied by multiple choice questions that follow the cases in a scene-by-scene flow. Don’t get stuck on vignettes when it comes to testing time, we have the materials you need to ace them all!

Make sure you are receiving the best product for your education by trying our high yield and challenging question banks (like ours!).

Still need additional help OR have other question? Contact Us today!