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A Closer Look at Top Quality Questions and Video Vignettes

A Closer Look at Top Quality Questions and Video Vignettes

My Psych Board Video Vignettes and Questions are top quality and created by experts in the field!

Did you know each and every question listed on My Psych Board goes through an extensive vetting process?

FIRST we work with experts who are in the field to curate top notch question content that matches the difficulty, style, and modality of questions you can expect to see on your exams.

NEXT the questions are reviewed individually by Dr. Abdel himself along with other team members to fact check, proof, and make clarifying modifications to ensure each question is readable, understandable, and each explanation thoroughly covers the content it features.

FINALLY every question is reviewed a final time to double check (and triple check!) everything is accurate and ready to go, then it’s delivered right to your device with new content being uploaded regularly.

Oh, and did we mention…🎥 FEATURING: VIDEO VIGNETTES

Our video vignettes introduce dynamic characters with real-life issues. With high quality scripting, these scenarios will draw you in and feel like you’re meeting with an actual client and discussing their case. Our videos involve complex diagnoses with thought provoking questions to lead you through helping over 20 different individuals. No cheesy lines or stereotypical characters- these videos are made by experts to help you!

Each vignette is accompanied by multiple choice questions that follow the cases in a scene-by-scene flow. Don’t get stuck on vignettes when it comes to testing time, we have the materials you need to ace them all!

Make sure you are receiving the best product for your education by trying our high yield and challenging question banks (like ours!).

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Introducing: My Psych Board, pass your boards with ease!

Welcome to My Psych Board!

We are a board review and question bank website which gives you access to unique courses and question banks tailored to your needs. Our program offers access to unique courses and question banks to prepare residents and medical students for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) Psychiatry Certification Exam, Psychiatry Resident In-Training Examination, United States Medical Licensing board examination, and Nurse Practitioner examination. The world is always changing, so what do we do? New questions are continually being added to the question banks, ensuring the most current and up to date information is being made available!

The world of Psychiatry can be confusing, but don’t get a headache over it! We want to help — call us ANYTIME and we will get YOU moving in the right direction.

My Psych Board offers multiple modes to try: Practice, Timed, and Custom. In Practice mode, we focus on feedback, one of the most important things when learning new materials. We give feedback immediately as questions are answered, including in-depth explanations that accompany each question for both correct and incorrect answer options. There’s no time limit so you can take as long as you need to really dive into the questions and topics. Jump over to Timed Mode where the amount of time mimics the real tests and skips the explanations to see how far you can get before the time runs out. Or, zero in on your weakest areas of study by creating custom tests made from your most missed questions across dozens of topics.

Our goal is to make your test preparation as smooth and easy as possible. We’re constantly innovating and making this experience better so you can pass your board with ease! Our only goal is to see you succeed! 


Utilize our question banks here! Have any questions? Contact us for in-depth information + help.