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Failed Your Psychiatric Board Exams? What should you do now?

Failed Your Psychiatric Board Exams? What should you do now?

So let’s say you’ve taken round one and failed… what now?⁠

Firstly, it’s ok! You’re human, breathe. Take a break and avoid freaking out. Take a moment to step away and have some much-needed “you time”. You’ll want to clear your head and get a new perspective, if you need a week or more…take it!

Now that you’ve taken time for yourself, it’s time to jump back in. Create a realistic timeline and schedule that will work for you. Cover the big areas and focus on where you were unsure.⁠

Don’t be afraid to change your studying routine. Ask yourself — Are there issues with your previous method? Do you have all the right/up-to-date resources? Are you staying away from distractions?⁠

Finally, when you’re going back in keep it focused on the questions and stay out of your head. We know it’s easier said than done but everyone goes through ups and downs. Check out our post on what to do differently when retaking the boards for more inspiration!

You may learn something from this experience!

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