open notebook and coffee mug in front of laptop open for studyingRe-using the PRITE to study, yes or no?  While there are pros and cons to this method, we’re here to tell you 3 major reasons to NOT re-use the PRITE as your main resource to study.

The PRITE has a different scope than other tests

PRITE exams are great for what they’re intended for: to test comprehension and assess competency in residents. Generally, a resident will take a PRITE exam 3 to 4 times throughout their training and education.

Do you want a better idea of what questions on the PRITE look like? Then sure, take a look at a previously used exam. Are these the same questions you’ll be facing when you take it? Nope.

When it comes to prepping for other Psychiatry based exams, such as the ABPN, the PRITE will not cover a broad enough range of information. Every exam is different! The PRITE will cover about 13 topics. The ABPN test covers around 22. We don’t want you to come up short on what you need to know!

PRITE question styles are NOT the same as other exams!

When comparing question styles across tests there’s a lot of variability. PRITE questions tend to be short and to the point. ABPN or USMLE questions are usually longer and involve a different approach to analyzing the information. This goes hand in hand with the idea that the scopes of the tests just aren’t the same.

It may prime your expectations…

Using old tests can prime your expectations for what you think the test will actually look like. While you might KNOW it will be different, it can also set you up with a false sense of familiarity.

Remember: no test will use the same questions. And especially if you’re prepping for a non-PRITE exam, the questions will almost certainly be very different in terms of length, problem solving, and scope!

So what is one to do?

Interactive question banks are one of your best tools. Whether you’re getting ready for the second round of PRITE or you’re gearing up to take your boards! Banks like My Psych Board include topics and content that are current and cutting edge. Our questions are written by folks that have been where you are now, so they know what YOU need to know.

Also, My Psych Board banks are TAILORED to your needs. Studying for the ABPN? Expect ABPN-level questions and vignettes across a broad range of topics. Prepping for the Psychiatric Mental Health NP Certification? We’ve got you covered, too.

Another benefit? Explanations. Every single question comes equipped with a full length explanation to give you a fuller understanding of the topics and content so you have a firm foundation of knowledge under your belt.

Need more guidance? 

Not sure if this is the right method for you? Give it try- FREE- using our Free Trial! Or if you’re ready to take the plunge, check out our Question Banks and find the perfect fit for you! Or, contact us with any questions you have so we can get you on the right path today!