Another Common Question we’re asked is:

“How Many Attempts Do I Have To Pass The ____ Exam?”.

We got you covered! Here we cover how the ABPN, USMLE, PRITE, and Nurse Practitioner Exam Stack Up.⁠ ⁠


UNLIMITED (within 7 years)

Once completing an accredited residency program, you have a 7 year period to pass your ABPN Certification Exam. You can take it as many times as you wish, BUT keep in mind that you do have to pay the fees each time you take it!


4 attempts.

You only have a total of 4 attempts PER STEP. Examinees that have attempted any USMLE Step (including the Step 2 CS) four times and have not passed will be ineligible to apply for the USMLE Steps. *Note, this was 6 but changed in July of 2021



You can choose to take this as many times as you wish BUT keep in mind that you do have to pay the fees each time you take it! *Note, with the PRITE Exam, residency programs use exam results to ensure residents are well prepared from a knowledge standpoint! Shortly, the exam is becoming more neuroscience-based. Stay tuned as we will be covering this in the near future…⁠


3 attempts.

You are limited to re-testing 3 times in a 12-month period. To do so, you must meet all eligibility requirements (at the time of the new re-test application) and pay the application fee of $270.

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